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Testimonials from our clients.
Alyson is a healer, I don’t know how else to put it.

My Coco was diagnosed with severe anemia the day after Thanksgiving. She was so weak she could hardly hold herself up and she was emaciated. I took her to our Veterinary Hospital, where they gave her 2 blood transfusions and kept her overnight. They did all kinds of tests and couldn’t determine what was causing the anemia. They thought it was an autoimmune problem but couldn’t rule out that maybe she wasn’t producing the red blood cells in her marrow. We did multiple bone aspirations, among other things I can’t even pronounce. Everything that could have been done was done. She was on antibiotics and immune- suppressants and her blood cell count was not moving up, only down. By the holidays, the doctor told me that her numbers were not improving and I should start thinking about putting her down. They said that she would last two weeks at the most. Two weeks.

I was devastated, so I started investigating. I hounded multiple doctors for other opinions; I contacted pharmaceuticals to see if they could get me a different medicine. Then I found Alyson online. Alyson came over and in literally the first few minutes the entire situation changed, not only for Coco, but for me too. 

When Alyson walked into my living room Coco was practically comatose on the couch. She was too tired to even wag her tail. I promise you on my life that by the end of the session, she ran after her ball. She wasn’t Evel Knieval but she had the energy to get off the couch on her own and play for a few minutes… I don’t understand it myself, but it happened and there it is. Little by little her energy improved. My perception improved and accordingly we were both fighting together for the same thing, her life.  

Two weeks later on the day that according to the doctor she should have been gone from my life, she was still here. Months of drugs and procedures and everything else… but 2 weeks of Alyson gave me 2 more years of my Coco. I attribute my time with her to Alyson because Western medicine alone did not work. It was only when I integrated Eastern philosophy that there was any improvement. This experience and Alyson has changed my entire perception on everything in my life.  

Thank you.
A few  year's ago, my female Dalmatian had a spinal cord injury when she was 11 years old. After taking her to the vet for a diagnosis, I did some research and found out that acupuncture and hydrotherapy were the recommended modalities for this specific type of injury. Until I could get Nina to a specialist, Alyson made a house call and spent over an hour with her, administering Reiki and various acupressure and massage techniques.

Within two days, Nina was attempting to get up and walk around, something her legs were not quite capable of handling at that point. Alyson continued to send Reiki to Nina (which augmented the Reiki energy I was administering also) throughout the entire acupuncture treatment. Even before the acupuncture started, Nina was up and walking. A year later, unless you know what to look for, you’d never know the dog had sustained the debilitating injury she did.

Alyson is always ready and willing to give me advice on the various ailments senior dogs face. My now-13-year-old male Dalmatian has developed fatty tumors and Alyson has given me advice on what to look for to ensure they are not cancerous. She even developed one of her healing sprays specifically for her.  

I cannot say enough about how knowledgeable Alyson is, and how calming a demeanor she has when faced with a hysterical dog-mom. She is truly the best.

Sandi L.
Treasurer for D2Care (Deaf Dog Connections, Advocacy, Research, Education) www.d2care.org

Alyson’s gifts with Reiki and Acupressure have not only helped my horse, Dice, but she has helped the relationship I have with him. She has helped move us to a new wonderful level. 

After Dicey’s accident, she came to do his first Reiki session. My veterinarian wanted to know if I had done anything different in my on-going wound treatment because the amount of healing in the week since she had seen him last amazed her! I explained that he had a Reiki session done by Alyson. My Vet’s answer was, “keep doing it”!

I believe the treatments got him out of stall rest much sooner than anticipated. He was more comfortable and I was more comfortable. It is because of Alyson and the results I saw that I have gone on to become Reiki certified too. The acupressure sessions Dicey has had brought immediate visible results. Alyson takes the time to explain everything so you can understand what she is seeing and what my horse is saying. I learned a lot about my guy! She is amazing!

Kirsten S.
Ringwood, NJ
I am amazed at the progress my English Bulldog has made while undergoing treatment by Alyson. He is a rescue and was worried over the anxiety and peculiar behavior he was exhibiting. So I was referred to Alyson through a friend who was having her work on her own dog with a knee injury.

When she first started working with him, his anxiety was through the roof. Anytime I had guests or family over, he would attack. Alyson has worked with him for several months and I am thrilled to say there is a HUGE difference. He is not anxious anymore and when I have family and friends over, they do nothing but comment on how much of a difference they see in him.

 He has episodes once in a blue moon as compared to SEVERAL TIMES DAILY! Thank you Alyson for helping Stewie release his anxiety and live a loving comfortable existence.

Kim Michelson & Stewie